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You can free up your time, by automating your trading strategies.

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What are our stengths?

Programming & Trading Experience

Avoid wasting your precious time explaining what needs to be done to someone who doesn't trade. We trade since 2006, it is more likely that you will need less time to explain it to us.


We understand that in trading speed matters, wo we do our best to code performing indicators and strategies.

Clean Code

We love to write clean and maintanable code. That will keep your costs lower should you change or adapt your strategy in the future.

We Love our Clients

We love our clients! Let us WOW you!

About Us

I am Anatolie Catarau, a passionate developer of indicators and strategies for NinjaTrader.

Two of my passions are programming and trading. I started trading in 2006 and I work as a developer since 2010. I was wondering for many years how to combine these passions and now I found out how. By creating custom indicators and strategies both for myself and my clients. I enjoy doing it. The success of my clients is my success, so I personally carry out the consulting activities and planning. I also have a team of skilled professionals who help me deliver your strategies and indicators on time.

Contact us

Please let us know what you want to build and for what platform (NinjaTrader 7 or NinjaTrader 8 or both). We will contact you for further details.

NinjaTrader® is our preferred Trading platform.

Kinetick® is our preferred data service for use with NinjaTrader.